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Lemon Cake with lemon Marmalade

Rich Lemon Cake a Delicious History

Rich Lemon Cake Served with LunaGrown Marmalade This delicious Lemon Bundt cake is both moist and tangy. The addition of buttermilk creates a texture similar to that of homemade pound cake.…

LunaGrown Banana Cake with Mango

Banana Cake with LunaGrown Honey Mango Jam

Banana Cake with Mango Jam It's that time when bananas are on sale and you can't help but buy a whole bunch of green ones thinking you will eat most of them before they start to turn brown. Then they turn brown. I was smart last time, I sliced and froze them. The bananas were a [...]
LunaGrown Jelly Roll

Swiss Jelly Roll with LunaGrown Jam

Swiss Jelly Roll with LunaGrown Jam I always enjoyed Swiss Jelly Rolls with jam, marmalade, or ice cream. Perhaps whipped cream and fresh fruit. There is just something fun about them. A wonderful creation made with a delicious sponge cake and all the imagination you can muster! Interestingly they are not from Switzerland originally. It [...]
Coffee Cake with fresh berries and jam

Coffee Cake With Fresh Berries and Jam

Coffee Cake With Fresh Berries and Jam This simple coffee cake recipe has been a go-to favorite for LunaGrown for some years now. It's simple, quick and so versatile. This coffee cake is a welcome and thoughtful addition to any breakfast or brunch. A light afternoon snack that is just so refreshing. When LunaGrown is [...]
holiday spice cake

Spice Cake Made With Jam a Holiday Delight

Holiday Cake With LunaGrown Jam This wonderful spice cake was given to me as a gift and made with a jar of LunaGrown Fig Jam. I expected it to be tasty but I was amazed at just how delicious it was. It is actually more like winter bread than a cake, which means I won't [...]
Turkey sandwich with Pineapple Jam

Pineapple Cakes

Pineapple Cakes This is a sandwich! Well yes it is! I personally love Pineapple Jam on a Turkey Melt or a Ham and Swiss Melt. Or of course Pineapple Jam on pancakes with blueberries and walnuts sometimes with a bit of warm maple syrup. Then again Pineapple Jam makes a real nice glaze on BBQ […]

Jam filled coffee cake LunaGrown

Jam Filled Coffee Cake

Coffee Cake Filled with Jam or Marmalade Coffee cake is a great addition to an office party, a treat at the PTA, or a social club meeting. Mostly it gives us a reason to visit, and a reason to talk about something that's pleasant. Jam filled coffee cake is the jam maker’s go-to recipe for [...]
serve Date Nut bread with orange marmalade

Blood Orange Marmalade and Date Nut Bread

Blood Orange Marmalade LunaGrown is always pleased when it is Marmalade season, and for us it's the winter time. Our favorite is the Blood Orange Marmalade which we create with Moro Blood Oranges. There are three main types of blood oranges: moro, tarocco and sanguinello. Blood oranges are available from December to April, depending on [...]