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peanut butter cookie

Soft Peanut Butter Cookies with LunaGrown NY Grape Jelly

Peanut Butter Cookies with LunaGrown NY Grape Jelly These are the jam maker's favorite of all time peanut butter cookies. They are so good we make a double batch and freeze some for later. It's very easy to eat an entire batch of these peanut butter cookies in one sitting. So be warned! "Nothing takes [...]
valentine heart cookies

Spread The Love With LunaGrown for Valentines Day!

Say I Love You With Jam Filled Cookies Just in time for Valentine's Day, The Farm Girl shares with us one of her favorite treats for the holiday. Simple and elegant. More importantly, these cookies are literally from the heart! If you can give nothing more than a smile on Valentine's day, then you've just [...]
Jam filled spritz cookies

Jam Filled Cookies

Jam Filled Cookies Many times you will find LunaGrown offering samples of our jam with various items such as bread, or pound cake. We do our best to advise our customers on the many things one can do with a jar of jam from Cheese or Wine pairings to glazes, sauces, or just in a [...]
LunaGrown thumbprint cookies

Jam-in Cookies

Jam Filled Sugar Cookies Hallongrotta, also known as Thumbprint cookies, are traditional in Sweden. The name Hallongrotta means 'Raspberry Cave" which just sounds so magic! Of course, given the name means Raspberry Cave, we can discern that traditionally these cookies were created using raspberry jam. All lasting traditions grow and change over time and the [...]
zombie finger cookies

Bleeding Zombie Finger Cookies

Bleeding Zombie Finger Cookies As a dog owner, I am not a huge Halloween fan. The night comes with certain challenges for some pet owners.聽 I do, however, love the creativity that goes with this holiday. I love cookies and Jam as well as social gatherings. These Bleeding Zombie Finger Cookies are a wonderful way [...]