Jam Filled Cookies

Jam Filled Cookies Many times you will find LunaGrown offering samples of our jam with various items such as bread, or pound cake. We do our best to advise our customers on the many things one can do with a jar of jam from Cheese or Wine pairings to glazes, sauces, or just in a […]

Jam-in Cookies

Jam Filled Sugar Cookies I made a batch of these cookies so that people could try LunaGrown Jam on something other than bread. I had numerous requests to purchase the cookies and suggestions that maybe I should add these to my repertoire. I make jam though. Cookies once in awhile. I am flattered that the […]

Bleeding Zombie Finger Cookies

Bleeding Zombie Finger Cookies As a dog owner I am not a huge Halloween fan, but I do love the creativity that goes with this holiday. I love cookies and Jam as well as social gatherings. These Bleeding Zombie Finger Cookies are a wonderful way to get into the creepy spirit no matter how you […]