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Jam during pregnancy

Can the Mother-To-Be Enjoy the Jam She Craves 馃攰

Craving Jam During Pregnancy Can mothers-to-be enjoy the Jams they crave? Many people have asked this question and I began to wonder as well. So I did a bit of research and this is what I have found. Please note that my research does not include freezer jams which are processed differently than jarred Jams. [...]
Mini Cheesecake

Cheesecake Mini’s with LunaGrown Jam

Cheesecake Mini's with LunaGrown Jam I have a passionate love for聽cheesecake as many around the world do. Occasionally i'll enjoy a slice of cheesecake if dining out, as a treat.聽Personally I choose not to keep a whole cheese cake in the house. The temptation would be too much. Too much for me anyway. We聽love this [...]
cinnamon Buns

Warm Jam And Cinnamon Buns

Old Fashioned Cinnamon Buns, Best With Warm Jam! These delightful cinnamon buns are a family favorite. LunaGrown takes time when creating this treat for our friends and loved ones. We like them plain with just a bit of icing.聽However, we聽find they are beyond compare when served with warm apple jam, orange marmalade, or our raspberry [...]
valentine heart cookies

Spread The Love With LunaGrown for Valentines Day!

Say I Love You With Jam Filled Cookies Just in time for Valentine's Day, The Farm Girl shares with us one of her favorite treats for the holiday. Simple and elegant. More importantly, these cookies are literally from the heart! If you can give nothing more than a smile on Valentine's day, then you've just [...]
Cocktails with Jam

Holiday Cocktails You’ll Love to Create

Holiday Cocktails with LunaGrown Jam Warm聽your holidays with these deliciously creative holiday cocktails from LunaGrown Jam. Whether it be a cold snowy afternoon or a cool winter's day at the beach, these cocktail recipes will add a little happiness to your step.聽聽These beverages are聽created and approved by our team of taste testers. Do something extra [...]
Luna of LunaGrown Napping

Warm November Days

Warm November Days and Cool Enchanted Evenings Is it just me or does November聽seem full of things to smell. The farm smells strong of pine and leaves, of things in the ground I didn't notice this past spring. It has been warm with only a few days of cold really. When it gets cold the [...]
Jam and cheese social gathering

Are Your Social Gatherings Meeting Your Guests Expectations?

  Are Your Social Gatherings Meeting Their Potential? Are you a bit uncertain on the finer points of hosting an elegant yet relaxed function? Concerned you may have overlooked something? Perhaps you are in need of some assistance pulling it all together. LunaGrown can offer you some pointers on a clear path to a well-planned […]

Ben and Luna simple pleasures

Small Pleasures Bring Great Joy

The Joy聽of Good Company Benny finally made it up to the farm this week for a visit. He is my friend and lives with his human companion Chris. With our busy schedules we don't get to visit聽as often as we would like so we make the most of it. Which is important in any friendship. [...]