Traditional Jams

At LunaGrown we pride ourselves on the freshness of our product. We create our jams when they coincide with the harvest of the fruits they are made from. Sometimes the harvest is grand enough that we may process outside of season.

For example, we offer Strawberry Jam usually June through August, as that is our local harvest season. Apple Jam is usually offered from September through the new year as varieties allow. You won’t find us offering these products outside of their seasons as we won’t be making them. The same holds true for many of our other products.

If you see something in our catalog that is out of stock, please utilize the “Notify Me” option as we do pay close attention to this. If you want to know what we currently have available please check out our Available Now listing. Our goal at LunaGrown is to offer you the freshest product available with a flavor you can make memories with.