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Lemon Cake with lemon Marmalade

Rich Lemon Cake a Delicious History

Rich Lemon Cake Served with LunaGrown Marmalade This delicious Lemon Bundt cake is both moist and tangy. The addition of buttermilk creates a texture similar to that of homemade pound cake.…

Belgian Waffles

Belgian Waffles with LunaGrown Jam and Fresh Fruit

Belgian Waffles with LunaGrown Jam. Belgian Waffles remind me of late brunch at the seaside and cool autumn mornings. They should be lite, full of flavor, and have an air of carefree decadence.

Holiday spice cake

Our Favorite Autumn Spice Cake Made With LunaGrown Jam

Our Favorite Autumn Spice Cake This is one of our favorite autumn recipes utilizing LunaGrown Jam. Rich moist spice cake can really make your day special on cool fall mornings. Especially if it comes in the form of a gift and this cake makes a perfect treat to share. In November of 2013 I received [...]
LunaGrown Jelly Roll

Swiss Jelly Roll with LunaGrown Jam

Swiss Jelly Roll with LunaGrown Jam I always enjoyed Swiss Jelly Rolls with jam, marmalade, or ice cream. Perhaps whipped cream and fresh fruit. There is just something fun about them. A wonderful creation made with a delicious sponge cake and all the imagination you can muster! Interestingly they are not from Switzerland originally. It [...]
baked apple with cranberry jam

Baked Apple with Cranberry Jam

Cranberry Baked Apple to Gladden Your Heart We learned this week that our Cranberry Jam is a favored ingredient in a local artisan baked apple dessert. She was kind enough to give us permission to share her technique. Noting that everyone has their own special way of creating baked apple for the family. "All millionaires [...]
Muffins with LunaGrown apple jam

LunaGrown Moist Apple Muffins

Moist Apple Muffins Everyone Will Love There is nothing nicer than a hearty, full-bodied muffin to start your day with, you could even enjoy one with afternoon tea. If you love Autumn spices and you love apples then these are the muffins for you! We enjoy these muffins with LunaGrown Cinnamon Raisin Jam or Spiced Fig Jam. [...]
cinnamon Buns

Warm Jam And Cinnamon Buns

Old Fashioned Cinnamon Buns, Best With Warm Jam! These delightful cinnamon buns are a family favorite. LunaGrown takes time when creating this treat for our friends and loved ones. We like them plain with just a bit of icing. However, we find they are beyond compare when served with warm apple jam, orange marmalade, or our raspberry [...]
Crumble bars with LunaGrown Jam

You’ll Love the Farm Girl’s Favorite Jam Crumble Bars

Jam Crumble Bars This is a classic favorite for many jam lovers. It's quick and easy to create and always a big hit at any social event. What makes it even nicer is it's versatility. Yes, you can choose from any favorite jam you might fancy. To take it a step farther you could utilize [...]