Jam and cheese social gathering

Are Your Social Gatherings Meeting Your Guests Expectations?

LunaGrown can offer you some pointers on a clear path to a well-planned social gathering. We are not talking about a large reception by any means but a small social get-together. The same suggestions would also apply for a more intimate gathering.

Decedant Key Lime Cheesecake with Strawberry Margarita Jam

Many friends and business acquaintances strictly prefer a nice Italian Ricotta Cheesecake. While others are huge fans of the basic cream cheese cheesecake. There are so many varieties of cheesecake we believe everyone should have a favorite and they should all be tried.

The Wonders of Lemon Lavender Marmalade

Since we love lemon, and Lemon Marmalade was one of our first flavors we decided to see how close we could come to Donna’s Lemon Lavender Pound cake. The goal was not to recreate the flavor of her cake but to attempt to recapture that feeling of happiness upon tasting it. I’m proud to say I think we’ve come pretty close.
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