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Luna Vacation

Luna’s Vacation Photos

Luna Shares Her Vacation Photos   Luna has graced us with some of her favorite vacation photos, her time away this winter. She won’t tell where exactly the secret place is but it certainly looks nice. As you may know Luna is our namesake. She loves her time on the聽farm but also loves to travel. […]

Luna Iron Horse Hotel Milwaukee, Wisconsin

The Sweetest Holiday Travels For a Pup Named Luna

Luna Travels for the Holidays My humans call this month December. I remember because we start our聽travels聽and I get to wear a coat. There is always a great deal of visiting and I see human friends that I don't usually see everyday. Sometimes there are gatherings and I am lucky to get a crunchy broccoli [...]
Luna Orchard October 2014

Peak Leaf Viewing

  It’s Peak Leaf Viewing Time It has been a busy month for me. We had relatives visiting from overseas whom I love to see. Also I got to spend a week at the beach. This really is the best time to go. There are no people yelling to get me off their sand (like […]

LunaGrown Luna Napping

Into the Autumn

Autumn is Upon Us At the farm, Autumn means it's time to start preparing for next spring. Well in a way that's what it means. During the cold winter months when the ground is frozen very little can be done with the soil, the equipment is too cold to work on, and no planting can [...]
Ben and Luna simple pleasures

Small Pleasures Bring Great Joy

The Joy聽of Good Company Benny finally made it up to the farm this week for a visit. He is my friend and lives with his human companion Chris. With our busy schedules we don't get to visit聽as often as we would like so we make the most of it. Which is important in any friendship. [...]
Luna in the Sunshine

Sunny Days

Sunny Days are Meant for Dogs Sunny days are meant for me is what I wanted to say. Is there anything more wonderful this time of year? The air is thick and dry, just a little bit of running and you are ready for a nice cold drink of water and a cool piece of [...]
Luna Girl

The Fox and the Grapes

We Have a New Visitor on the Farm My humans don't think I know, but I can smell it. There is a new visitor to the farm. The kind that looks like one of my relatives got stuck together with one of those unpredictable hissing things they call a cat and made puppies. Humans call [...]
About Rain and Mud Holes 1

About Rain and Mud Holes

About Rain and Mud Holes Remember what I mentioned about mud holes? I think maybe I forgot to wish that they were not so abundant. We certainly did get a crop of summer storms last week, and my extraordinary senses tell me we're in for some more this week. I don't know if they will [...]